Monday, November 03, 2008

Rock for Change Saturday, Make it Happen Tomorrow

saturday's NC Rocks for Change early vote concert on the UNC campus was great fun, with perfect weather and an awesome lineup, plus big crowds all day, including a hardy group when i went on solo at 9:15 AM or so, all the way through to the dB's rousing closing set ending around 2 PM.
pictured here - Billy Bragg, the dBs (w/ Mitch Easter on bass!), Ivan Rosebud, Megafaun, and Regina Hexaphone.

the coffee, donuts, soup, and apples kept the masses fed, and everyone sounded great, though the highlight might have been Billy Bragg's inspiring between-song talks about the future, the international view of the US, holding Obama to his word should he win, and faith (not the religious kind) in general.

if you haven't already voted tomorrow is obviously the day, and if you HAVE, then you can volunteer to make sure people get to the polls...


Blogger Peter said...

That's awesome that Billy Bragg was there! I had no idea!
The When Musicians with Beards Attack picture is pretty cool too!

11:07 PM  

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