Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Too Many Notes

too many bands, too many shows, too many bars, too much of everything! actually, just the right amount of tacos, but too much of everything else, that's how i feel leaving SXSW each year. the Merge artists all worked hard all week and played great shows, the Merge night at the Parish being a highlight of course (w/ Destroyer, She & Him, Shout Out Louds, Radar Bros., Wye Oak), but there were some other fine moments -- i know you won't believe me, but the English Beat was one of the best things i saw all week, and Other Music's outdoor parties at the French Legation Museum with Yo La Tengo, Chris Brokaw solo and others, was the best place to feel like you weren't even at the dirty drunkfest for a few minutes.

Portastatic sets from what i can remember:

afternoon show at Other Music party:
At the Crossroads (Doug Sahm)
You Know Where to Find Me
You Blanks
Running Water
San Andreas
When Love Breaks Down (Prefab Sprout)
Song for A Clock
Josephine (Magnetic Fields)

check the video diary at w/ "You Know Where to Find Me" at the Other Music site.

i opened the night at the Parish, a set marred slightly by the fact that i wrote songs down on the setlist that i hadn't played in a long time thinking that i knew them regardless (I Wanna Know Girls, not so much):

At the Crossroads
Angels of Sleep
Cheers and Applause
Impolite Cheers
A Cunning Latch
San Andreas
Isn't That the Way
I Wanna Know Girls
Song for A Clock

hasta luego, Austin.


Blogger tinyfolk said...

I'd love to hear you do that mag fields cover. My friends and I just made a magnetic fields tribute comp, so it feels like i've been listening to other people do magnetic fields songs more often than the magnetic fields doing them.

12:56 PM  

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