Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ducks Get A Cup

well that wasn't much of a Game 7 last night, and the Senators historical comeback i was hoping for didn't happen. the Ducks of Anaheim took it to them from minute 1 and any time the Sens would get close something horrible would happen like the bizarre "hey Ray, it's Chris Phillips here, there's something caught in your skate...oh, it's the puck...oh, it's in your own goal" goal in the 2nd period. oh well, exciting for Anaheim fans like Snoop Dogg, and i do like Teemu Selanne, i mean the name Teemu Selanne -- it's a cool name. he seems like a good guy too and he looks better with his playoff beard. now Anaheim fans, like Carolina fans here, can spend a year hearing about how no one but them cares about the Finals when they don't involve the Red Wings or Rangers, but you know what? it won't bother them because they have the CUP.


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