Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Playoff Hockey! also Portastatic.

yes, the 'Canes are playing golf and resting up in order to dominate the East again next year, but watching the third period of the Ducks / Wings game yesterday had my heart pounding as if i actually cared about one of these teams. i did want the Ducks to win, and they did, but Detroit made it extremely "interesting" when they woke up in the third to find themselves about to be on a plane home and threw everything they had at Giguere, Pronger and the rest of the Ducks, who (barely) withstood the onslaught. what a great finish, and after completely stealing Game 5 in Detroit when they should have been dead, the Ducks have earned it. i'm pulling for the Sens but mainly just looking forward to one more series before the ice melts for the summer.

luckily the finals don't start until Monday, so Game 1 will NOT conflict with the Portastatic show on Saturday night:

Des Ark
Work Clothes
The Strugglers

Cats Cradle , Saturday May 26th, proceeds to benefit the Save Darfur Coalition .


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