Monday, February 12, 2007

Projectors, Food, Seattle, Radio

it was 10 below in Minneapolis Saturday night when we played at the Entry, but the place was packed with excitable people ready for rock and roll music. Dirty Projectors (pictured) were the first band, i had no idea what to expect and by the time they were done i was kind of like "ok we can all go home now because nothing is going to top that!" -- it was like a crazy amalgam of afrobeat, highlife, spazzy punky moments and beautiful unison singing from Amber and Angel. seriously, awesome, and to top it off they did the best Black Flag covers i've heard -- yes covers plural -- they did Police Story and Rise Above and supposedly have recorded all of the Damaged album (except TV Party) and it will be released....i for one can not wait.

anyway we played after that and had a good time with it:
Bobby Jean
Angels of Sleep
Sour Shores
Sweetness and Light
Noisy Night
White Wave
You Know Where to Find Me
San Andreas
I Wanna Know Girls

then Grizzly Bear played, really cool to see how they replicate the records in the live realm, they sounded great.

flew to Seattle yesterday, ate at one of my favorite restaurants last night - Moonsoon - and got mostly a good night's sleep, i think we'll need it to keep up with the Camera Obscuras, who we start with tonight at Neumo's...
first off playing on the excellent KEXP at 1 pm PCT -- 4 Eastern....listen in!


Blogger Dr. Confusion said...

The Seattle Show was DOPE.

I converted a friend last night. I said, "watch, they'll start off a little low key and by the time you realize the set's almost over, you'll be hooked." And sure enough, at least by sweetness and light he was hooked, and he gave me the "holy crap, that was awesome" look after San Andreas.

Thanks y'all! Come back soon. Really.

12:08 PM  
Blogger superchunker said...

Camera Obscura is on KEXP or you guys are?

3:16 PM  
Blogger Mac said...

both of us did KEXP

4:02 AM  

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