Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Be Still Please preorder alert!

sure, release date is nearly a month away (oct 10 to be exact) but as of today you can PRE-order the new Portastatic album Be Still Please. ok, i can hear you now, "why commit so far in advance? what if everything changes between now and then and i hate music? what if pitchfork gives it a 5.2 for not being freakfolk or mainstream rap?" well put those questions out of your mind and you won't be sorry, unless you really do hate music in a month, but what are the chances?

plus you get bonus items for getting on board now -- a whole album of demos, outtakes, and covers called "Some Small Things You Can't Defend" will be given to the first 50 preorders, and the first 25 will ALSO get a set of 4 coasters featuring photographs by Phil Morrison from the sessions for the album cover.

Merge is where you need to go to preorder the album! Thanks.


Blogger hermance said...

I hope this preorder extravaganza counts for the bundle with Who Loves the Sun. I hadn't gotten that yet, so I went for the bundle. I'd still love to the preorder booty, though.

Really looking forward to seeing you open for M Ward down here in Austin. I just moved from Chapel Hill and could use an injection of the Triangle feel. I'm really bummed about missing the Chunk date and the Troika show(s).

3:31 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

Thanks Mac! Love the extra goodies almost as much as I like giving my $$ to Merge!!

The album covers are great too! I'm heading to the OBX this weekend. Can't wait to be back in NC. It's too bad I won't have a car to drive from the OBX to Chapel Hill for your show with M. Ward and Lambchop. That sounds like a damn fine show.

9:44 PM  
Blogger Derick said...

Yeehoo. Money parted with. Looking forward to checking out the new jams.

8:39 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

Even better, maybe Pitchfork will give you an 8.1 like they bestowed on Justin Timberlake today. Justin Timberlake, for chrissakes. I don't know why I let this kind of thing annoy me, but am I the only one who yearns for the days when supposed indie rock types had standards about these kinds of things?

In any event, here's hoping I got in in time for the coasters. They will be the perfect complement to my Here's to Shutting Up beer cozy!

Can't wait to hear the record.

11:59 AM  
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