Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Don't Let the Terrists Win

this was my beach reading last week (it was either this or Devil Wears Prada but that seemed too heavy), it's an incredibly detailed inside look a the reaction to 9/11 (and some of the lead-up) by the US gov and intelligence services, specifically the hijacking of foreign policy by Cheney and those in his camp. the One Percent Document is Cheney's theory that in a world populated by "terrists" if there's a 1% chance that a foreign country has an intent or capability to attack the US then we have to act as though it's a certainty. scary. all this stuff is obviously going to be reverberating for years and listening to that jackass clown of a president we have fumble and blowhard and flat-out lie his way through a press conf. like yesterday would be comical if it weren't depressing...

Suskind's site is here .